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Second/Third Grade Class

Second/Third Grade Class Signup Form

In all of the STEM classes I teach, I go at the students' pace to ensure that everyone in the classes learns the material. A big component of the Second and Third Grade classes is working in teams to complete activities and projects. In engineering (and many other fields) working on a team and combining different skills and experiences is vital to completing projects with efficiency and quality. This is why I emphasize teamwork skills in the upper level classes.

We also review concepts throughout the courses and reserve the final class session for a STEM fun day where we revisit several of the fun activities and experiments from the previous weeks!

Engineering Class

Engineering is a broad term that describes many different applications of both science and technology. Engineers are responsible for designing, building, and maintaining everything from machinery and architectural structures to computers and digital devices.

In this class, we will explore the engineering process through several projects and activities. Students will build strong bridges, design fast cars, troubleshoot the hardware of mobile devices, and more. We will also learn about the scientific method and the physics concepts engineers rely on to complete their projects successfully.