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Kindergarten/First Grade Class

The kindergarten and first grade classes are essentially the same class; however, in all of the STEM classes I teach, I ensure that the curriculum and pace is tailored to each individual class. This means that, despite being the same material, the kindergarten class might not keep pace with or cover everything that the first grade class does. It is also possible that we move through the course quicker than I have anticipated, and I have made plans to add extra lessons to fill time if needed.

We also review concepts throughout the courses and reserve the final class session for a STEM fun day where we revisit several of the fun activities and experiments from the previous weeks!

Kindergarten/First Grade Class Signup Form

STEM Part 1: Learning Science, Engineering, and Technology with Shapes

Shapes like squares, circles, triangles, and even shapes we've never heard of can be found everywhere in the world around us, but what makes those shapes so important? Why are wheels round? What shapes make planes fly or boats float? And what are these shapes made out of?

In this 12 week class, students will discover the answer to all of these questions and more as we explore physics concepts such as gravity, weight, stability, aerodynamics, friction, inertia, and buoyancy. As we learn these concepts, we will look at examples of how scientists and engineers use them to design and build technology and, of course, how we use them in our everyday lives.