Student Projects

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Throughout the year, students enroled in the S.T.E.M. and coding classes will complete a variety of projects designed to reenforce the S.T.E.M. concepts they are learning. Once complete, these projects will be featured here.

Our coding Class has been building websites! There is still some work left to do, but they are making great progress! Each site is linked below.

R3ptar 1
R3ptar is a Lego Mindstorms robotic snake built and programmed by our fourth-sixth grade S.T.E.M. class! A combination of wheels and motors allows him to slither just like a real snake, and a series of levers in his neck and jaw make him strike at anything that passes by his motion sensor.
Lego Boost Robots
Our Lego Boost robots are built and programmed by our second and third grade S.T.E.M. class! The cat robot (left) uses levers and a motor to move her eyes and look around. She also has a motion sensor in her mouth and moters in her legs so she can sit when you feed her. Vernie (right) is the Lego Boost mascot who can be programmed to roll around on his treads, move his eyebrows to change his expression, carry things in his hands, and even talk!
First grade cars
Second/third grade cars
Fourth-sixth grade cars
Our S.T.E.M. Students took on the role of design engineers and sketched designs for a car. Each student thought of the many different parts that allow cars, trucks, and busses to drive and represented them in their drawings